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Welcome to Lear.

We strive to maintain affordability without compromising quality.

In 2006 we first launched a complete range of switches and sockets, for both domestic and industrial purposes. In 2009 we added a range of mini DB components and high voltage MCCB to our product family and have been expanding ever since.

Currently our product database consists of different ranges of switches and sockets to suit just about every need and taste. Mini rail and Din rail circuit breakers, dual mount circuit breakers, large frame breakers, isolators, earth leakages, connection and wiring accessories. Flush and surface distribution boards, both empty and complete and also ready boards (for low cost housing) with and without light. We also feature a wide range of lighting products under the brand name GAP. The range consists of complete lights, lamps as well as fittings.

We have a quality above price approach when it comes to designing and manufacturing our products. We supply large chain stores and electrical outlets all over South Africa. Our representatives regularly service and introduce new products to our customers.

We believe quality is not an option, it is an obligation.

Summary of our products

Multiple ranges of switches and sockets, for both domestic and industrial purposes. Made of varying materials to suit every taste and preference.

Switch and socket products include: switches, sockets, isolators, blank covers, dimmers, grids, modules, remotes, joint kits and weatherproof boxes.

Both Mini Rail DB components as well as Din Rail DB Components and high voltage MCCB.

DB components include: circuit breakers, earth leakages, isolators, surge arrestors, times switches, kWh meters, distributions boards, ready boards, busbars, rails and terminals.

We stock a range of plugs tops, janus, multi plug adaptors plug-in as well as corded multi plugs and extension sets in both surge and non-surge variants.

Multi plugs are sold under the brand name GAP.

Lighting products include a wide range consists of complete lights, lamps, fittings as well as accessories like photocells and scruits.

Lighting products are sold under the brand name GAP.