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Made from top quality tempered crystal glass. Install exactly like traditional wall switches & sockets, in existing wall boxes. Only the Remote Like Switches require a neutral line. All the other Switches do not require a neutral line, which means no building alterations needed. Replace quickly, completely and smoothly. Uncomplicated semi-automation. Each component can easily be replaced without

replacing the entire system. Straight-forward quick programming.

Touch Diamond Switches Important Information


Electronic switches and LED lights consist of electronic pc's. The Touch Diamond Switches will only work with

   dimmable LED lights that are compatible to the same cycles. We stock LED lights that are compatible.

◊ Switch mains off – do not wire live

◊ Remove glass cover for installation

◊ Make sure mains are off when installing glass cover

◊ Installation screws should not be fastened too tight

◊ If using alternative screws, do not use screws with big heads, screws must be flush after installation

◊ For 2 way switching 1 must be connected to 1 and 2 to 2, no cross wiring

◊ Keep switches away from water or dust when the cover is off, dust and water can damage the components

   on the pc board

◊ Only use dimmable lamps with dimmer switches

◊ If LED lights flicker after switching off it means that there is a small amount of power leaking through the

    neutral. Install a diode on the neutral to make sure the power flows only in one directional

◊ Minimum wattage of lamps combined should not be less than 15W

◊ NB: Please install a surge arrester in the distribution board. South African electrical surges and spikes can

   damage the electronics inside the switches. (Also to protect all your electronic equipment)

   Make sure to protect live and neutral

   1. For single phase 2 pole(neutral + 1 live)

   2. For three phase 4 pole(neutral + 3 live)

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